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Design, front-end and back-end development

A partner in all facets of web application development. We use up to date tools and create stable and modern application that are built for the future.

Let your data speak and get a bigger return on investment

We focus on data-driven applications, using intelligent algorithmes we make your application smart. This results in less work for you, and overall a bigger return on investment.

One system built for multiple platforms

Our focus on interoperability results in that the systems we built can be used on mulitple platform without any changes. We love API's, in both producing and consuming.



Extension for Google Chrome that brings a unique e-commerce experience to the browser. Build with Node.js, Redis and MongoDB.



Realtime web interface for Nagios and Piwik (monitoring servers and application usage). Build with Node.js and Redis.



Widget built for displaying realtime polling results on live broadcasted media. Implemented in Javascript (D3.js).



Replaces the default new page tab in Chrome with an lightweight page with usefull information.

RSS reader


Concept RSS reader built in-browser use with all the features of a native reader.

E-mail client


Just another e-mail client, only this one works in the browser and does not depend on any server-side API. Compatible with IMAP and POP3.



Concept design for a online music magazine implemented in Wordpress. This work is from 2010.

Amber alert


Chrome extension that display a fullscreen popup when an Amber Alert is activated, works only in the Netherlands. Uses the Amber Alert RSS feed.



Game built in Javascript embeded in a Facebook Canvas app.

De Goudkoers


Widget that display's realtime and historic gold prices, built in Javascript, PHP and MySQL.



Auction website for build.



Front-end for the Dutch teletext.

Twitter radio


Lets you tune in to a user on Twitter on Spotify. Done the for the The Next Web hackbattle.

Wordpress provisioning plugin


Provisions wordpress website after order and setups site with diff themas and plugins. Wizard.



What we can do for you

Ask your software questions, get answers immediately.

We help you on all fronts, everything you need when you need it.

  • Web application development
  • Application management
  • User-experience design
  • Intergrating API's
  • Implementing third party software

Key values:

  • Scalability
  • Measuring is knowing
  • API first
  • Client is king

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Architecture philoshopy

Application Programming Interface first

Our vision on the development of software is based on a API first model. We experienced that creating a system that is tightly coupled results in reduced scalibilty, requiring a bigger invesment when scaling to multiple platforms and a overall complication in overeeing application maangement. The model we use solves this, in the intial development fase it requires a bigger investment but this is verwaarloosbaar in the bigger picture.

Tools of trade

open source all the way

About us


Serapine is a company based in the Netherlands founded in 2010. Technology is our passion and we work on the cutting edge. We are a young company and move fast, we like to work with brilliant people on new innovative projects.

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